Meet the Staff: Abby

 Next up is Abby!



What's your favorite part about working at ECCO?

 Constantly learning so many new things about fashion and different brands, as well as getting to create a strong and positive image for the store through our social media!


What style trend do you want to see come back next year? Or is there something you want to get rid of?

 Faux leather leggings are so fun and comfy, I would love to see them continue as a trend through 2021!


What are your favorite brands that ECCO carries?

 Mother, Gorjana, and Dolce Vita!


At what local stores are you doing your holiday shopping?

 Ecco, Dedalus, Dear Lucy, Lake Champlain Chocolates, OGE


What do you do to keep yourself busy outside of work?

 Yoga, read, hike, hang with friends and bake!


What song is currently on repeat on your phone right now?

 Lovin' Me by Kid Cudi and Phoebe Bridgers


You have your own late night talk show, who do you invite as your first guest? Why?

Selena Gomez! I am obsessed with her.  Her grace, her confidence, her perseverance, and her bravery are all so inspiring.  I think she is overall an amazing role model.  

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